Dear all American Friends (Who love Nepal and want to do something in Nepal or if you need Nepal, India, Bhutan's Specialist in USA !

Dear all American Friends
(Who loves Nepal and want to do something in Nepal)
This is Ram Prasad Khanal (Singer, Music Composer, Actor and Journalist), if you want to know about me, please Visit these website's Links below:

Dear American Friends,
Right now I am in United States, I have more than 30 years Experience in Journalism (Television, Radio, Print Media and online), singing, Music Composing, Acting (already published 42 album, cd, vcd, dvds) and social work. I was involved in Scouts, Red Cross, Jaycees and dozens of other social organizations and already Visited 32 countries in the world.  

You know! Nepal is a great and very beautiful Country, where world's Tallest Mountain 'Sagarmatha' and Lord Gautam Buddha's Birth place Lumbini is. People say "Nepal looks like a part of haven".  
If you want to visit Nepal, make Documentary, do some thing there, I can fully help you. So you can contact me.
I can speak, read and write English, Nepali, Hindi (Indian), Urdu (Pakistani) Language and have knowledge about all south Asian countries, their cultures, and much more. So please contact me, I can help you and we can do something together as a Partner.       
Ram Prasad Khanal ( रामप्रसाद खनाल )
      Editor in Cheif / Publisher   www.NepalMother.com 
             President - International Artists Forum, USA                   www.IAFAmerica.com
                             Email : rampdkhanal@gmail.com  / info@nepalmother.com

Tel:  703-419-0924 (Cell) , 540-635-6928 (Fax)
(Participated at more than 200 National/International/Regional Seminar as a Manager/ Journalist/ singer/Actor and Nepali delegates in different countries on different times.)