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 * Profession: 

Journalism, Singing, Music Composing, Acting and Business Management. 

 * "MAN OF THE YEAR 2004, FOR NEPAL" International award Winner.

* Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) Provided by US Government/USCIS, under Category of Extraordinary Ability, EB - 1, as a Multi talent person in the Field of Singing, Music Composing, Acting, Journalism and Business Management.

* 2 Different Nepali National/International Prestigious Awards 'PRABAL GORKHA DAKCHHINBAHU'- 2004 and 'PRAKHYAT TRISAKTTI PATTA' – 2005, by Nation Chief, His Majesty's King of Nepal.

* Star of the Year 2019 - International Award by Star of the King Qatar

* More than 450 Nepali other National and Regional Awards/Honor Winner in the Field of Business Management, singing, Music Composing, Acting and Journalism

*  Published more than 1200 songs.

*  Published 52 Volumes of Cassettes, Cds, Vcd/Dvds

 (Folk, Duet, Classical, National, educational Songs)

* Published 18 Different kinds of Books (Song, Poem, Gajal etc.)

*  Published more than 1500 Poems, Gajals, Lyrical Poems.

* Present Address in USA: Winchester, Virginia US

Email: rampdkhanal@gmail.com ; rampdkhanal@hotmail.com ; info@nepalmother.com


* President - International Artists Forum, USA - www.IafAmerica.com 

* President - International Media and Entertainment house US

* President and CEO - Khanal Business Group and American Super Market US. 

* Editor in Chief / Publisher : www.NepalMother.com

* Realtor - Capital Area Realtors (Real Estate Company )

* Notary Public / Business Entrepreneur  

* CEO/General Manager - 7-11 Store(S), Gas Station(S) and Truck Stop.
* Member - Association of National Realtors (NAR)
*  Member - Association of Virginia Realtors (VAR)
* Member - Association of Prince William county Realtors (PWAR)






 https://www.youtube.com/user/nepalmother/videos http://revver.com/find/video/?query=ram+khanal&search_on=search


Marital Status: Married

Birth Place: Gulmi Chhatrakot -3, Dharampani, Maindanda Nepal.

Qualification: Masters Degree (Sociology)


1. The First Man from Nepal who received an American International Award 'Man of the Year 2004 for Nepal ' Appointed to the 'Board of Advisor's for ABI and a Successful Candidate for 'The Contemporary who's who" Publication in the same time.


2. The First 'Folk Duet Singer' and Journalist Who have received Nepali Top Prestigious National Award 'Prakhyat Trisakti Patta' and 'Prabal Groakha Dakshin Bahu from King of Nepal, for Continuously 2 years (2004 and 2005)

3. The First Youngest Nepali Folk Duet Singer, Journalist, Music Composer, Actor who received US Green Card (Permanent-Resident Card) by American Government, under category of extra Ordinary ability EB-1, As a Singer, Journalist, Music Composer and Actor.


4. Youngest Chief Editor & Publisher, who published his own news paper, at an age of 19 years.



1. Member - Board of Directors - Nepal Television, Nepal's Government TV Channel.

2. Program Producer/Director /Presenter - Nepal Television, from 1999 to 2006.

3. Chairman - Sur-Taal Music Industries (P.) ltd, from 2003 to 2005.

4. Trainer - Nepal Press Institute.

6. Program Producer/Presenter/Director- Radio Nepal, (From Jan. 1997 to Dec. 1999)

7. Actor - HIJO AAJAKA KURA which is super hit & longest TeleSerial of Nepal and more then 68 music Videos

8. Editor in Chief & Publisher- www.Nepalmother.com & Nispakshya National Weekly and  (From 1992 to till now)

9. Guest Editor- Jana Sangharsh, Lokpatra , Sandesa , Nepal Times National Daily and Rastra Pukar,

   Nepal Bani, X-Ray, Satya, Jana Awaj national weekly newspapers Published from Nepal, in different time.

10. National Counselor - Federation of Nepalese journalists, Nepal, from 1992 to 2006.

11. General Secretary - Federation of National Journalists, Nepal from 2004 to 2005.

12. General Secretary - Federation of south Asian journalists 1998 to 2007


1. An International Award 'Man of the Year-2004' By American Biographical Institute, USA.

2. "Prakhyat Trisakti Patta" and "Prabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu" Nepali national award From Chief of the Nation His Majesty the King of Nepal Gyanendra Bir Bikram Sahadev-2004 and 2005.

4. "Nepal Scout National Journalism Award" by Nepal Scout- 2004.

5. "Folk and Duet Hero" Award 'Khanal Sewa Samaz'-2004.

6. Best Award for 'Folk Duet Song' by UNITED NATION (UN) - 2003.

8. Many national/regional Award for Duet Songs & Folk Songs and other activities by Different Organizations, in different times.

9. Award for Educational Journalism/Singing, in the sector of health by WHO (UN) in 1995.



35 Countries in the world: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Bahrain, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, India, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Haiti, Congo, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka etc.  and 44 states of America & 73 Districts of Nepal.


Present Status in US:


* President - International Artists Forum, USA - www.IafAmerica.com
* President - International Media and entertainment House US  

President & CEO - American Super Market US.  

* President and CEO - Khanal Business Group US.

* Editor in Chief / Publisher: www.NepalMother.com

* Realtor – Yeti Realty (Real Estate Company)

* Notary Public / Business Entrepreneur: Virginia US.  

* General Manager - 7-11 Store(S), Gas Station(S) and Truck Stop.
* Member - Association of National Realtors (NAR)
* Member - Association of Virginia Realtors (VAR)
* Member - Association of Prince William County Realtors (PWAR)

* Board Of Trustee – Nepali American Cultural center, Virginia US.

* Life Member – Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)

* Life Member – Association of Nepalese in Americas (ANA)

* Life Member – America Nepal Society (ANS)

* Life Member – International Nepali Literary Society (INLS)

* Life Member – Nepal Film Society



Status in own country Nepal in the past:

1. Editor in Chief/Publisher - Nispakshya National Weekly

2. General Secretary - Federation of South Asian Journalists

3. Press & Culture Advisor- Nepal Scouts National Headquarters

4. Managing Director- Nispakshya Advertising Agency

5. Managing Director - National Voice Test & Screen Test Foundation

7. Trainer - Nepal Press Institute

8. General Secretary - Lumbini Society of Music, Art & Literature.

9. Promoter / Board Director - Radio Lumbini, Rupendehi, Butwal

10. Singer & Music Composer- Radio, Television, F.M. and Other Private Studio & Song Album.

11. Member - Gulmeli Samaz.

12. Member- Sawstha Sikshya Abhiyan


License holder: 

* Skilled Business Manager

1. Journalist

2. Singer in 'Distinguished Category.

3. Music Composer

4. Actor (Film, Tele Film, documentary etc.)

5. Driving license (Motorbike, Car, Jeep)

6. Advertiser (Radio, T.V., Newspapers etc)

7. Voice Test Examiner for Radio Service

8. Screen Test Examiner for T.V. Service & Films.

9. Acting for All Sectors.



Hindi (Indian),

Pakistani (Urdu)


Other Activities:

1. Member of international voluntary organization Red Cross, Jaycees, Rayukai, Scout.



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